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The Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator is an innovative application that is designed to aid Amazon Sellers in the evaluation and appraisal of large amounts of inventory for resale purposes.

Go on, tell me more!

Have you ever came across an auction with hundreds or thousands of items that also included a manifest list of UPC/EAN/ISBN barcodes? Normally, it would be incredibly time consuming to look up the price of each item by hand to get the total. You could try sampling a few items from the lot but ultimately that is not practical. In fact, by the time you have identified the value of the lot, the auction could be over!

    .....if only there were a tool that could do all the heavy lifting... all!

Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator Video

Inventory Evaluator to the rescue

    Inventory Evaluator is the answer. Just paste in the list, select the "search key" column and push the "Start" button. Thirty seconds later, voila! You know how much every item in the auction is going for in the lowest new and lowest used categories on Amazon.

Where is the data coming from?

    Inventory Evaluator works fast by using cached data that it downloads from Neatoscan systems every 12 hours. If Inventory Evaluator pulled data directly off of Amazon it could take hours or even days depending on size of the list.

Features Include:

  • Process ASIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, ISBN-13
  • Data for Amazon US and UK
  • Fast results (under a minute)
  • Collapse duplicates
  • Process both HTML and Text lists
  • Process barcodes from unformated data
  • Run unlimited reports
  • Instantly spot check any ASIN off Amazon
  • Export results to clipboard or file
  • Duplicate UPC/EAN/ISBN alerts

Using Inventory Evaluator

Interested to find out more details? Read or Download our handy user guide on how to use Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator. Note: User guide is in Microsoft Word format.

I'm Sold. What do I do next?

    It's easy, just create an account, download the software and give it whirl. We even let you try it for two weeks. Click to get started today!

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